We have implemented the following coronavirus measures in our company:

  • Due to Corinavir we have disabled all the company meetings and continue entry ban for all suppliers and visitors.
  • It is prohibited to travel abroad and well as in the Czech Republic, everything must be addressed by e-mail, phone or Skype.
  • All workers are equipped with masks. It is recommended to reduce crowding (cafes / smoking rooms).
  • Technicians, if possible, stay home at the Home office.
  • We have adjusted production and individual shifts so that the number of people does not meet in the dining room and changing rooms at the same time.
  • When entering the company, including our employees, we measure everybody temperature.
  • It is forbidden for suppliers and truck drivers to get out of the vehicle (only if necessary, a separate mobile toilet is available).
  • Disinfectant soaps are available in all toilets and washrooms. Toilets, showers and common areas are now more frequently disinfected.

Complete sheet metal processing services

Laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, fitter´s shop, finish treatments.


Turnover according the countries in 2019



ISO 9001:2015

ISO 3834–2:2005

NC Line in numbers

Established in:​​ 1993
Number of employees:​​ 400
Turnover last year:​​ 27 mil. EUR
Area size​:​​ 25.000 m2
Production and storage​:​​ 16.000 m2
Statutory information