Our services

We know how to work with sheet metal and we have a wide product portfolio

From small laser cut shapes to large weldments and assemblies. Do you need a serial production of several items? Do you produce electric or other machine and you need a quality covers? Since 1993 we have experience with manufacturing various metal parts for electrical cabinets. We also produce different distribution boxes, many kinds of different boxes like safes and industrial bathtubs.

Thanks to our employees and wide spectrum of quality machinery we are able to produce almost any sheet metal product for you. Our technologists propose the best way of production of your items and our specialists in CNC laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending and welding are ready to tackle any challenge.

Every year we process thousands of different items such as heat exchangers, sheet metal parts of construction machines, stoves, grills, industrial washing machines, various lids (eg tank lids), safety walkways, steps, gates, winding equipment and lot of other types of products.

Our high-quality products have been world-renowned in many industries, such as handling equipment, construction and transport equipment, electrical engineering, packaging, textile and plastics, medical technology, solar technology and more.